Learn About The Green Coffee Diet

It can seem that there is a new fad diet appearing every day of the week and one of the latest ones that is doing the rounds is the green coffee diet. Although this is not your common diet, the fact that you need to count calories still makes it a diet. Because the average weight of people has been increasing over the last few decades, the diet industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world, worth billions of dollars every year. Most of the money spent in the diet world is wasted. This is because people will buy a diet book or a piece of exercise equipment to help them lose weight, but in most cases, they are then left to gather dust after a few weeks.

green coffeeThis diet on the other hand is very simple to follow and does not mean that a person has to make major changes to their diet, something which puts a lot of people off most diets. Who wants to be working out the calorie content of a meal before preparing it? Not many people do, which is why many diets that do not include calorie counting prove to be a success when it comes to the number of sales. So people who are looking to lose weight need something that is simple to follow, does not cost a lot of money, and does not involve hours of exercise.

So what is this diet plan? It is all based on the coffee bean and nothing else. The chemicals in raw coffee beans are known to speed up the body’s metabolism and this, in turn, means that the body burns up more calories than usual. So by taking green coffee extract, a person who is sitting will be burning more calories than the person sitting next to them that is not taking the extract. This sounds too good to be true and as with most diets that promise weight loss, it is.

Although the green coffee diet will help burn more calories than normal, it is still important to change what is eaten, as well as, increasing physical activity. When it comes to physical activity, it does not have to be anything strenuous and there are certain video games that involve fitness these days and this is a great way to make exercise great fun. If that is not possible, then simply doing something for 15 to 30 minutes that increases the heart rate is good enough. This can be something simple as a brisk walk or cutting the grass with a lawnmower.

Dieting does not have to be difficult or a pain in the backside. When it comes to what you eat, just make changes to your breakfast for the first few weeks before adjusting another meal. For instance, by switching to low sugar cereal and using semi-skimmed milk, will reduce the amount of sugar and fat consumed just for that one meal. By doing things in stages, you are more likely to succeed in the long term.