The Best Weight Burning Techniques – The Difference Between Fighting Fat And Being Free Of Fat

Despite the energetic workouts, the healthy meals and the sheer pain of resisting those sweet temptations, your body still seems to be boasting way too much fat and flab. Are all your efforts in vain? Should you give up now? Perhaps cancel your gym membership and reach for one of those unhealthy snacks that have been tempting you for weeks?

Before you throw in the towel, think for a moment about the following: Many people fail to lose the optimum amount of fat and flab from their bodies, because they are unaware of the best weight burning techniques. Incorporating these into your healthy lifestyle can be the difference between fighting fat and being free of fat!

What are the best of these techniques? They are surprisingly simple, incredibly effective and just about anyone can easily incorporate them into their life.

The Mighty Green Tea

Wouldn’t it be great if we could sit down and enjoy a nice cuppa, whilst knowing that we are actually helping our body to burn fat? With green tea we can do exactly that!

Green tea certainly deserves its place as one of the better weight loss methods,. If drank regularly it can increase our metabolic rate and help us to burn as much as an extra 60 calories every day. Sixty calories may not sound a lot, but over the course of a year it can result in about 6 pounds of weight loss. Not bad for enjoying a nice warm cuppa every day!

Muscle Matters

Many of us have heard that muscle burns calories at a quicker rate than fat does. What many of us don’t know however, is just how much quicker that rate is. In comparison to a pound of fat, a pound of muscle will burn as much as nine times the amount of calories!

In addition when we incorporate weight training into our exercise routine, we increase our resting metabolic rate. In other words we increase the amount of calories that our bodies burn when we aren’t even lifting a finger!

Water for Weight Burn

Known as Adam’s Ale, water is one of the simplest and most common drink choices available to us. Even a diet that is high in healthy foods and low in naughty treats, will not allow the body to work at its optimum to burn fat.

Water is like the oil that keeps everything moving quickly and efficiently. By managing to have a daily water intake of 1.5 litres, we can burn over 17,000 calories a year!

Dairy for Diet Success

When it comes to the best weight-burning techniques, eating diary may not even come into our minds. However, when we eat dairy (such as low fat yoghurts and cheeses), the calcium acts like a calorie switch in our bodies. Our bodies respond to the ‘switch’ by burning excess fat at a quicker rate.

With weight loss, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed by the new diet trends, the numerous diet supplements and never-ending diet advice. However, by applying the above tips, you will adding some of the best methods of losing weight into your life. Indeed they can be the difference between fighting fat and being free of fat.