Simple Dieting Plans For Easy Weight Loss

Everyone these days should be aware that what we eat affects our health, both now and in the future. Yet, ever since the late 1800s, when the sugar tax was dropped to zero in the US, manufacturers have gradually increased the amount of sugar in our food. This means that someone who lived in the 1970s and ate a balanced diet, stayed healthy, while a person on the same diet this century would likely find that they are obese or have diabetes. This is due to the amount of hidden sugar in the food.

It is common among nutritionists that sugar gives a person double pleasure; once when eating as it hits the tongue and later on as it stimulates the pleasure area of the brain. Those people looking to control the level of sugar they consume and are looking for easy diet plans, should read on.

Following a diet plan does not have to be difficult, although many of them available these days seem to be a lot more complex than they need to be. Not only is it important to control the amount of sugar that is consumed, but the amount of fat, also plays a major part in the health of people. Reading up on fat and sugar in the media would have many people believe that you need to cut them out all together and some diets do just that. However, qualified nutritionists warn against cutting out sugar and fat from the diet altogether, as the body does need some in order to survive.

Although sugar is often associated with energy, it is actually fat where our bodies get most of its energy from. There are a number of sugar types such as fructose and sucrose and it has been shown that the human body can survive with no health problems by only consuming natural sugars in fruit and vegetables. This is easily proven by the fact that we have only been eating processed sugars for the last two centuries.

diet planFat on the other hand is both good and bad for us and as with sugar, there are different types. Trans fats for instance, are very thick and sticky and are well-known for increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke in people. In the west, these trans fats have been either reduced or taken out of food altogether and most fast food outlets no longer use them. The good fats are things such as the omega ones, like 3, 6, and 9, with omega 3 being the most well-known.

So people looking for easy diet plans only need to look for foods that contains no added sugar and limited amounts of fat. Simply put, it is one that involves a lot of fruit, vegetables and oily fish. All three of those have proven to have positive health benefits. Eating meat can still be included, but red meat needs to be kept lean and should only be eaten once a week.